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Are there any chronic health conditions, diseases, or disorders that are negatively affected by vitamin D supplementation or sun exposure?

Asked by  Anonymous on October 13, 2014

  •  Anonymous on

    See title

    Answered by  Anonymous on
  •  Rebecca Oshiro on

    Those with vitiligo should avoid sun exposure. If you have a parathyroid or granulomatous disorder or kidney disease, you should avoid vitamin D supplementation until you get the go-ahead from your doctor.

    Answered by  Rebecca Oshiro on
    •  jimslineyjr@gmail.com on

      To add to Rebecca Oshiro’s response, the parathyroid disease of HYPERparathyroidism should carefully consider vitamin D supplementation, but the parathyroid disease of HYPOparathyroidism needs to maintain normal vitamin D levels to aid with calcium absorption, their biggest challenge.

      Answered by  jimslineyjr@gmail.com on
    •  hlahore@gmail.com on

      Excellent treatment fo vitiligo by both UVB and vitamin D

      Answered by  hlahore@gmail.com on

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