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10,000 iu for months put me at 40.7 ng/mL 25(OH) D. 15,000 iu for a month and half thereafter put me at 58.2 ng/mL (both taken with 100 ug Vit K). So in theory I am now in the "optimal range" according to the Vitamin D council. I have two problems with this: 1. does it make sense that I need so much Vitamin D when the D council recommends a 5000 iu (and max 10,000 iu) daily dose? 2. I am pretty sure I was starting the feel toxic effects (basically all the symptoms you have listed for hypercalcemia). Could I really be experiencing toxicity when my 25(OH) D levels look optimal (and way below 150 ng/mL)? Maybe it is something else or psychosomatic… I am definitely going back down again, but curious as to what might have been happening. Thanks for any information!

Asked by  coldfact on October 23, 2014

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