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The sixth annual Vitamin D Day is this November 2nd

Posted on: November 1, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


This Sunday, November 2nd, is Vitamin D Day. The day is dedicated to recognizing the global problem of vitamin D deficiency. We encourage the public to take action to spread awareness and take better control of their health.

It is estimated that one billion people around the world are not getting enough vitamin D. This situation is exacerbated by increasingly sedentary, indoor lifestyles and a lack of awareness of the importance of vitamin D to overall health.

Why-do-we-need-vitamin-D-infographicOver recent years, there has been an explosion in research focused on the role vitamin D plays in health. Almost every cell and tissue in the body has vitamin D receptors, and vitamin D exerts its benefits on health by binding to these receptors to ‘communicate’ with cells and tissues.

By binding to these receptors, vitamin D can help immune cells to function properly, which builds a strong immune system needed to fight colds and flus and also decreases the risk of developing certain autoimmune diseases.

By binding to receptors on cancer cells, vitamin D can help tell them to die or stop growing, which may help manage certain cancers such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

“It is easy to get the vitamin D that your body needs,” says Dr. John Cannell, MD, Executive Director and Found of the Vitamin D Council. “You only need about 15-20 minutes of midday sun exposure or to take a daily supplement.”

This Vitamin D Day, organizers are emphasizing the ease in getting the vitamin D that your body needs.

Sunshine-CalendarIf you live at a latitude below 37 degrees north, plan a fun activity outside between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and encourage your friends and family to join you.

If you live at a latitude above 37 degrees north, then you likely cannot get vitamin D from the sun. Read up on vitamin D-related facts and educate your loved ones on why they should being taking a supplement each day.

The organizers of Vitamin D Day have also put together a vitamin D challenge, quiz, and new graphics to make it easy to learn more about vitamin D and to gain a better idea of what your vitamin D status is.

With these ideas on how to get involved, this year’s Vitamin D Day combines outreach efforts with active ways for individuals to participate, spread awareness, and improve their health.

Visit the Vitamin D Day website at www.vitamindday.net to download the various graphics and to find out more ways to participate this year.

Join the conversation at the Vitamin D Day Facebook group, www.facebook.com/vitamindday or through Twitter.

About Vitamin D Day

Vitamin D Day takes place every November 2nd. Each year, the organizers strive to build on previous years to make it easy for people to learn about vitamin D, educate others, and participate in both spreading awareness and taking it upon themselves to raise their vitamin D status into the healthy range.

People can visit www.vitamindday.net to learn more about vitamin D and read up on the unique ways to participate and spread awareness.

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