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Vitamin D supplementation may provide relief for patients with atopic dermatitis

A recently published meta-analysis proves that vitamin D supplementation is a safe and effective treatment for atopic dermatitis.

Vitamin D supplementation improves autism in children, according to new study

A recent randomized controlled trial discovered that daily vitamin D supplementation improved autism symptoms among children.

What role does vitamin D play in dog health?

The Vitamin D Council discusses a recent review on vitamin D metabolism and requirements in dogs.

Recent animal study proposes mechanism for the role of vitamin D in multiple sclerosis

A recent animal study discovered that vitamin D may have an important role in the process of remyelination.

Vitamin D may reduce the frequency of spontaneous abortion

A randomized controlled trial found daily vitamin D supplementation reduced the frequency of spontaneous abortion.

New trial suggests vitamin D supplementation does not improve blood sugar among patients with prediabetes

A recent randomized controlled trial found that weekly vitamin D supplementation did not improve markers of glycemic status among patients with prediabetes.

Randomized controlled trial suggests vitamin D improves autism symptoms

In a soon to be published RCT, researchers discover that vitamin D supplementation improves autism symptoms in children.

Clinical trial finds vitamin D supplementation increases “good” cholesterol in children

A new controlled clinical trial found that daily vitamin D supplementation for one month increased HDL cholesterol levels among children.