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Vitamin D, impulsivity and eating behaviors in the obese: Is there a connection?

New research offers a potential mechanism behind the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and weight gain.

Does low vitamin D impair recovery after hip fracture?

A recent study found that vitamin D levels below 30 ng/ml are associated with impaired recovery from hip fracture.

Vitamin D status and psoriasis duration: is there a link?

In a new case-control study, researchers aimed to provide more clarity regarding the relationship between vitamin D status and psoriasis.

Vitamin D protects against colorectal cancer

A new meta-analysis of 17 studies found vitamin D levels < 40 ng/ml was associated with an increased risk for colorectal cancer.

Overactive Bladder? Study shows vitamin D helps

Increasing vitamin D status may improve overactive bladder symptoms.

Vitamin D deficiency may significantly increase diabetes risk, according to new study

Research suggests low vitamin D levels are independently associated with a 3-fold increased risk of prediabetes and a 5.6-fold increased risk of type 2 diabetes in Chinese individuals.

Rates of vitamin D deficiency in early childhood linked to breastfeeding

A recent study determined that of children under the age of four, breastfeeding infants were the most likely to be deficient.