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Is sun avoidance as dangerous as smoking?

Dr. Reinhold Vieth reviews a study that found sun avoidance is linked with a decreased lifespan and shared his expertise on the topic.

Solar radiation linked with incidence and mortality of invasive cancers

A recent study found that solar radiation is associated with a decreased incidence and mortality rate of leading cancers in the United States.

Farmers and those who take regular foreign vacations may have a lower risk of vitamin D deficiency

A new study out of Orkney, Scotland found that farmers and those who took regular foreign holidays had the highest vitamin D levels.

How much vitamin D comes from food, and how much vitamin D comes from sunlight?

Dr. Cannell revisits a study led by Dr. Heaney which aimed to determine how much vitamin D is derived from food and sunlight.

Research finds sun avoidance increases risk for mortality

A study found that the life expectancy for women who avoided the sun decreased by 0.6 to 2.1 years compared to women with the highest sun exposure.

Closer look: Low sunlight associated with higher risk of leukemia

Amber Tovey discusses a recent study that gained media attention, suggesting that increased sun exposure may decrease one’s risk of leukemia.

New research supports that noon is the best time to get vitamin D from the sun

A new study supports our recommendation of obtaining sun exposure in the middle of the day, rather than in the afternoon or morning.

New study finds vitamin D supplementation suppresses inflammation in patients with type 1 diabetes

A new RCT found that vitamin D affected the capacity of T regulatory cells to suppress Inflammation in young patients with type 1 diabetes.