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Small trial finds vitamin D supplementation managed symptoms of ichthyosis in children

New findings suggest that vitamin D supplementation may be an effective form of therapy in the management of ichthyosis.

Research finds a link between rickets and the prevalence of autism

Dr. Cannell discusses the current research that has found a link between vitamin D deficient rickets and the prevalence of autism.

New research finds children in New Zealand still suffer from rickets due to vitamin D deficiency

A study called for better vitamin D supplementation programs for mothers and children who are at risk for vitamin D deficiency in order to prevent rickets.

How many infants are born with rickets?

The prevalence of infantile rickets is unknown due to the lack of skeletal surveys in otherwise healthy infants.

Case report: Vitamin D deficiency, atopic dermatitis and rickets

A case report out of Chile details how vitamin D treated a case of rickets, and in addition, helped lessen severity of atopic dermatitis.

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Dear Dr Cannell: Legal recourse and the Mondale Amendment

Dr Cannell writes to a mother accused of abusing her baby, who showed multiple signs of rickets.

Severe vitamin D deficiency extra problematic for newborns, according to new case reports

New research out of Qatar suggests that severe vitamin D deficiency may be especially problematic for newborns compared to babies older than six months.

Case reports: Severe hypocalcemia in infants

Recently, physicians in Portugal wrote that an old disease in infants is reappearing. And no, it’s not just rickets we’re talking about.

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Breastfed infants severely deficient in vitamin D in South Korea

Breastfed infants in South Korea carry a significant risk of vitamin D deficiency, according to new research.