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New study suggests higher vitamin D levels associated with reduced risk of mortality

A recent study found that vitamin D levels above 32 ng/ml are associated with reduced risk of mortality caused by coronary heart disease.

Is sun avoidance as dangerous as smoking?

Dr. Reinhold Vieth reviews a study that found sun avoidance is linked with a decreased lifespan and shared his expertise on the topic.

Vitamin D deficiency associated with all-cause mortality

A recent study has found that all-cause mortality is significantly associated with vitamin D levels below 20 ng/ml.

Should vitamin D enthusiasm be “tempered”?

The Vitamin D Council evaluates a recent review led by Dr. Mike Allan which was subject to a biased interpretation of scientific literature.

Solar radiation linked with incidence and mortality of invasive cancers

A recent study found that solar radiation is associated with a decreased incidence and mortality rate of leading cancers in the United States.

Research finds sun avoidance increases risk for mortality

A study found that the life expectancy for women who avoided the sun decreased by 0.6 to 2.1 years compared to women with the highest sun exposure.

Could disparities in breast cancer survival rates be explained by differences in vitamin D levels?

A new article suggests that vitamin D status may explain why black women have a 42% higher death rate from breast cancer than white women.

If I take vitamin D will I live longer?

Vitamin D levels associated with mortality in large meta-analysis

Recent study finds increased UV light exposure linked to reduced mortality from Clostridium difficile infection

A recent study found that increased UV light exposure is associated with reduced inpatient mortality due to Clostridium difficile infection.