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Vitamin D supplementation may provide relief for patients with atopic dermatitis

A recently published meta-analysis proves that vitamin D supplementation is a safe and effective treatment for atopic dermatitis.

Low vitamin D status associated with bladder cancer

A recent study found that maintaining vitamin D levels of at least 30 ng/ml was associated with a 60% decreased risk in developing bladder cancer.

Meta-analysis reports high vitamin D status may reduce the risk of lung cancer

A recent meta-analysis suggests that for each 4 ng/ml increase in vitamin D status, the risk of lung cancer reduces by 5%.

Meta-analysis suggests vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

A meta-analysis of five studies found that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

High vitamin D levels reduce risk of lung cancer, according to study

A new meta-analysis suggests that high vitamin D status reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Meta-analysis: Does vitamin D supplementation lower blood pressure?

Results from a recent large meta-analysis suggest that vitamin D supplementation is ineffective in lowering blood pressure.

Meta-analysis: Low vitamin D may play a role in diabetic nerve damage

In a new meta-analysis, researchers out of China have found that vitamin D deficiency may contribute to diabetic peripheral neuropathy.