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Research suggests vitamin D supplementation reduces depression during pregnancy

A recent study found that vitamin D supplementation resulted in a greater reduction in depression than placebo among pregnant Iranian mothers.

Dear Dr. Cannell: vitamin D and K2 for depression

Dr. Cannell discusses the current research that may explain how vitamin D and K2 supplementation helped resolve a member’s struggle with depression.

New study reports inflammation may modulate the relationship between vitamin D status and post-partum depression

A study found that low prenatal vitamin D levels were significantly associated with higher PPD symptoms in those with elevated inflammatory markers.

Recent research finds relationship between low vitamin D levels and depression in young women

New research found that young women with lower vitamin D levels were more likely to have clinically depressive symptoms .

No link between low vitamin D levels and future depression, according to new study

Recent research from Australia suggests that vitamin D levels are not associated with future depression.

Dr. Cannell on vitamin D for the treatment of depression

A recent meta-analysis of RCTs, which excluded “biologically flawed” studies, suggests that vitamin D is an effective treatment for depression.

Multiple ill effects in children may be related to vitamin D deficiency in mothers

Findings from a new study shows maternal vitamin D deficiency is related to lung development, neuro-cognition, eating disorders, and lower bone mass in offspring.

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