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Infantile vitamin D deficiency linked with increased risk for MS

A new study suggests that low vitamin D status during infancy is associated with an increased risk for developing multiple sclerosis.

Low vitamin D status associated with bladder cancer

A recent study found that maintaining vitamin D levels of at least 30 ng/ml was associated with a 60% decreased risk in developing bladder cancer.

Research finds high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among pharmacy students

New research found that over 70% of Lebanese pharmacy students had low vitamin D levels and that pharmacist counseling was an effective intervention.

Nearly 90% of older Moroccan men and women have low vitamin D levels

New study indicates that despite the sunny location, 89.2% of men and 86% of women have low vitamin D levels in Morocco.

Vitamin D supplementation may reduce musculoskeletal pain in breast cancer patients

New research suggests that vitamin D supplementation may help reduce musculoskeletal pain in breast cancer patients taking letrozole.

Low vitamin D status linked with nearsighted vision in young children

A recent study suggests that vitamin D deficiency is linked with longer axial length and an increased risk of nearsighted vision in young children.

Study finds low vitamin D levels linked to poorer neuropsychological function but not dementia

A recent cohort study found that vitamin D status related to poorer executive function, processing speed and visual perceptual skills.