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Infantile vitamin D deficiency linked with increased risk for MS

A new study suggests that low vitamin D status during infancy is associated with an increased risk for developing multiple sclerosis.

New study finds vitamin D related to less body fat in toddlers

A study found that achieving a healthy vitamin D status during a baby’s first 12-36 months may help reduce body fat and increase muscle as a toddler.

Prenatal vitamin D supplementation helps strengthen bones for babies born in winter

A recent RCT found that prenatal vitamin D supplementation benefits babies born in winter by increasing bone mass at birth.

Study shows breastfeeding women need 6,400 IU/day to maintain infants vitamin D levels

The most influential journal in pediatrics shows current recommendation for breastfeeding women is severely inadequate.

The role of vitamin D in respiratory distress among newborns

Dr. Cannell discusses a recent meta-analysis that found vitamin D deficiency may be a modifiable risk factor for respiratory distress in infants.

Fetal and infant complications from vitamin D deficiency: who’s to blame?

A recent review questions who should be legally responsible for ensuring infants and pregnant women maintain sufficient vitamin D levels.

Are preterm infants receiving adequate vitamin D supplementation in hospitals?

A recent study found that a standardized nutrition protocol was effective at raising vitamin D levels in preterm infants.

New study suggests U-shaped curve for vitamin D and risk of mortality among infants with HIV

Both high and low vitamin D levels may relate to increased risk of mortality among both HIV-infected and HIV-exposed infants in Tanzania.

Vitamin D may play a role in reducing risk of allergy during immune development in infancy

New research provides further insight into vitamin D’s role in reducing the risk of developing allergies in early life.

Non-adherence to current vitamin D recommendations in pregnancy and early life may affect risk of skull deformation

Recent research has found another reason for the importance of vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and infancy in regards to bone development.