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Vitamin D supplementation reduces occurrence of acute respiratory infections

A new clinical trial found that high dose vitamin D supplementation reduced acute respiratory infections in nursing home residents by nearly 50%.

Vitamin D may play a preventative role in cognitive decline in an elderly Chinese population

A 2-year longitudinal study explored the effect of vitamin D levels on cognitive decline in a Chinese elderly population.

Study finds whey protein and vitamin D supplementation helps maintain muscle mass during intentional weight loss in obese older adults

A recent RCT determined that a combination of whey protein, leucine(an amino acid) and vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of sarcopenia during intentional weight loss in obese adults.

Vitamin D is a risk factor for cancer mortality but not cancer development, new study finds

A study conducted in elderly women showed that lower vitamin D levels were associated with increased risk of cancer death, but not with the incidence of cancer.

Do residential aged care facilities encourage sun exposure?

A study found that the physical environment of the outdoor areas in residential aged care facilities was associated with their use for sun exposure.

No link between low vitamin D levels and future depression, according to new study

Recent research from Australia suggests that vitamin D levels are not associated with future depression.

Higher vitamin D levels linked to lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the elderly

A new study finds higher vitamin D levels are associated with a lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome in an elderly population.

Vitamin D may relate to sleep, says new study

New research found that low vitamin D levels were strongly associated with worse outcomes of sleep duration and efficiency in older adult men.

Vitamin D supplements and exercise: Are they required together to improve type 2 diabetes?

Researchers recently found that vitamin D supplementation and an exercise program, together, improved markers of weight and insulin resistance.