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Clinical trial finds vitamin D supplementation increases “good” cholesterol in children

A new controlled clinical trial found that daily vitamin D supplementation for one month increased HDL cholesterol levels among children.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to atopic dermatitis in Korean children

A recent study found that vitamin D levels under 20 ng/ml was shown to increase the risk of atopic dermatitis in Korean children.

Is vitamin D status linked with snoring and sleep apnea in children?

A new study found that low vitamin D status and inflammation may be a predictor of primary snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in children.

New study finds vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy helps reduce childhood allergies

A recent clinical trial concluded that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and infancy may prevent allergies.

Low vitamin D status linked with nearsighted vision in young children

A recent study suggests that vitamin D deficiency is linked with longer axial length and an increased risk of nearsighted vision in young children.

Vitamin D status may relate to chronic cough among children

Researchers recently conducted the first study to evaluate the association between vitamin D levels and chronic cough.

New study suggests vitamin D supplementation may benefit children who are breastfed

A recent study recommends vitamin D supplementation for children who are still breastfeeding after their first birthday.

RCT finds prenatal vitamin D supplementation may not reduce incidence of asthma and recurrent wheezing in children

The Vitamin D Council takes a closer look at a new study which has made media headlines, questioning the media’s broad interpretations of the results.

Low vitamin D status is linked with longer ICU stay among children

A study found that vitamin D deficient children stay an average of 3.5 days longer in the ICU compared to children who are not deficient.