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Information on the latest vitamin D news and research.

Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

Tag Archives: autism

Unlocked 13 December 2011

Autism and rickets

Dr. Cannell calls for a study that looks at wrist health in vitamin D sufficient children and children with autism.

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Unlocked 30 November 2011

Autism rates associated with breastfeeding

Dr. Cannell looks at a new study that finds association between breast feeding and autism.

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Unlocked 18 October 2011

Vitamin D levels in children with psychiatric disorders

Researchers from Oregon’s medical school discovered that children with mental problems were more likely to have severe vitamin D deficiency.

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Unlocked 11 October 2011

Association between hypomelanotic skin disorders and autism

New paper discusses theory on link between hypomelanotic skin disorders, low vitamin D levels and autism.

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Unlocked 29 August 2011

Genes and inheritance

Dr. Cannell mulls over genes, inheritance and vitamin D.

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Unlocked 12 July 2011

Are ‘geeks’ more likely to have children with autism?

Dr Cannell cites Occam’s Razor and questions if experts should keep it simple.

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Unlocked 11 July 2011

Is my autistic son suffering from vitamin D toxicity?

Dr Cannell answers this question for a mother whose son is making progress since taking vitamin D supplements.

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Unlocked 27 May 2011

New phase of my life

Dr Cannell writes on his new phase in his life.

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Unlocked 27 May 2011

Autistic adults might also be helped by vitamin D

Dr Cannell responds to a letter from the Mother of a 19 year old boy with autism.

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