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Vitamin D supplementation may act as an adjunct therapy for asthma treatment

A recent study found that vitamin D supplementation in addition to standard asthma treatment may help reduce the occurrence of severe asthma attacks.

New study finds vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy helps reduce childhood allergies

A recent clinical trial concluded that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and infancy may prevent allergies.

Low dose vitamin D supplementation helpful in treating childhood asthma

Vitamin D found to be such an effective treatment for childhood asthma that a randomized controlled trial had to be stopped for ethical reasons.

RCT finds prenatal vitamin D supplementation may not reduce incidence of asthma and recurrent wheezing in children

The Vitamin D Council takes a closer look at a new study which has made media headlines, questioning the media’s broad interpretations of the results.

New study finds vitamin D does not reduce colds in asthma patients

A recent RCT found that 28 weeks of vitamin D supplementation did not reduce the number or severity of colds in asthma patients.

Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may raise the risk of allergies and asthma in offspring

Pregnant mothers deficient in vitamin D have altered levels of key immune cells involved in allergy and asthma.

New animal study suggests inflammation due to asthma does not change vitamin D levels

For the first time, researchers have found evidence that lung inflammation seen in chronic asthma patients does not affect vitamin D levels.

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Animal study: Vitamin D supplementation prevents detrimental changes in the lungs following birth

Novel research provides insight into the mechanisms underlying vitamin D’s role in fetal and infant lung development.

New pilot study provides a more complete picture of vitamin D’s role in asthma in later life

In an interesting new trial, researchers explored the effects of vitamin D supplementation on elderly patients with asthma, a group that research has not focused on.

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