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Vitamin D deficiency linked to atopic dermatitis in Korean children

A recent study found that vitamin D levels under 20 ng/ml was shown to increase the risk of atopic dermatitis in Korean children.

New study finds vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy helps reduce childhood allergies

A recent clinical trial concluded that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and infancy may prevent allergies.

Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy may raise the risk of allergies and asthma in offspring

Pregnant mothers deficient in vitamin D have altered levels of key immune cells involved in allergy and asthma.

Vitamin D may play a role in reducing risk of allergy during immune development in infancy

New research provides further insight into vitamin D’s role in reducing the risk of developing allergies in early life.

In young children, vitamin D deficiency may relate to specific food allergies

New research found that low vitamin D levels may increase the risk of milk sensitization in young children.

New study finds vitamin D deficiency is related to food allergies and eczema in infants

A recent study suggests that infants with vitamin D deficiency are at an increased risk for food allergies and that deficiency may contribute to severity of eczema.

Latitude and solar radiation influence risk of food-induced anaphylaxis in children

Researchers recently explored the relationship between latitude, sun exposure, and anaphylaxis in Chile.

Animal study: Vitamin D alleviates allergic asthma

To help clarify vitamin D’s role in allergic asthma, researchers recently studied the effects of vitamin D supplementation in an animal model.

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Researchers set to study if vitamin D supplementation during infancy can reduce risk of allergies

Researchers out of Australia are launching a new study to examine if vitamin D supplements may help reduce the risk of developing allergies.

New study addresses conflicting information on vitamin D and allergic rhinitis

Researchers out of Korea find that adults with low levels of vitamin D are at greater risk of allergic rhinitis.

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