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Study suggests a combination of vitamin D, leucine and medium chain triglycerides improves cognition among the elderly

Posted on: June 26, 2017   by  Missy Sturges & John Canell, MD


Cognitive impairment occurs when an individual experiences difficulty focusing, remembering, reasoning, learning new skills or making decisions. Those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are capable of conducting activities of daily living, while severe cases (dementia) result in the inability to think critically and live independently. About 10% of people per year with MCI will go on to develop dementia. Approximately, every five years after the age of 65, the risk of acquiring dementia doubles.

Over 16 million people experience cognitive impairment in the US alone, causing significant emotional and financial burden on those affected and their loved ones. Therefore, establishing a safe and affordable treatment plan is crucial.

In a new study, researchers discovered that a few key nutrients responsible for preserving muscle strength among the elderly may also play a crucial role in supporting cognitive function. These nutrients include medium chain triglycerides (MTC), leucine (an amino acid) and vitamin D. 

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