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Vitamin D Council Sponsorship Information

Vitamin D Council Sponsorship

The Vitamin D Council is a group of concerned citizens who believe many humans are needlessly suffering and dying from Vitamin D Deficiency. We have been incorporated as a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(e) educational corporation in the State of California since 2003.

The Vitamin D Council is always looking for allies to push forward the Vitamin D Council's core mission—to prevent humans from needlessly suffering and dying from Vitamin D Deficiency.

The first way to realize this goal is to educate the public and especially professionals about the dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency. The Vitamin D Council has run public service announcements on local broadcast television channels which you can find on our Vitamin D Council You Tube channel. The Council also publishes the free Vitamin D Newsletter that has over 40,000 subscribers. All of these methods are working, but with more financing we could do more. Our current sponsors have pledged to make a difference and with more help we can realize our mission.

The Vitamin D Council's next goal is to fund a nationwide advertisement campaign to raise Vitamin D Deficiency awareness. We would also like to sponsor a series of educational conferences aimed at the general public, physicians, and the press to alert them about the extent and consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency and the simple steps that can be taken to avoid it.

If you are interested in sponsoring the national ad campaign or an event, please email us at [email protected].

If you are a citizen looking to donate, please use the PayPal donate button on the sidebar, or, you may donate via snail mail:

  • The Vitamin D Council
  • 1241 Johnson Ave. #134
  • San Luis Obispo, California, United States, 93401

Anything is appreciated. Thank you.

And a big "Thank you!" to all our sponsors...


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