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Research to commence on link between vitamin D and schizophrenia

Posted on: August 20, 2013   by  Vitamin D Council


The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia have announced they will provide Professor John McGrath $3.75 million over the next five years to study the link between vitamin D and schizophrenia.

The money will be spent to examine the relationship between vitamin D and childhood brain development, as well as later mental health and brain-related outcomes. The funded research will look at Brisbaine and international cohorts. And some of the money will help establish clinical trials.

John McGrath is a Professor at University of Queenland’s Brain Institute. Says University of Queensland President Pet Hoj, “[Professor McGrath is] an exemplar of UQ researchers whose work delivers strong benefits to individuals, families and society.”

McGrath has previously shown a link between vitamin D and schizophrenia. In a case-control study based on Danish neonatal blood, they found that low vitamin D at birth may increase risk of schizophrenia later in life.

“When Professor McGrath and his colleagues first began exploring the idea of a link between vitamin D and schizophrenia he was taking mental health research into unchartered territory,” Professor Bartlett, a colleague of McGrath’s, said. “It’s bold steps like this that keep UQ’s work at the forefront of brain research.”


UQ News. $3.75 million to support innovative mental health research. http://www.uq.edu.au/news/?article=26593, 2013

1 Response to Research to commence on link between vitamin D and schizophrenia

  1. Rita and Misty

    It’s wonderful to learn of this study. And, I think it is fascinating to explore the idea of a link between vitamin D and schizophrenia. I think there may be a link established between autism and schizophrenia…although I’m not 100% certain on this….so a link between D and schizophrenia seems quite possible to me.

    I will share a personal story with our readers:

    My my mom’s brother married a lovely woman who developed schizophrenia at 27 years of age. They lived in California while we lived in Connecticut. My mom and I spent much of my toddlerhood living with my uncle and his wife, as she was under the care of a psychiatrist in California. When the symptoms were not controlled correctly, my uncle’s wife came back to Connecticut with us to be treated at Yale, by a pioneer in the treatment of this disease. He treated her really quite successfully with meds, and with structured activities which helped her feel productive and useful. My uncle and his wife had a child, and lived as content a life as possible…Of course, let us remember that there are absolutely NO perfect lives…and so (so) many of us live with conditions like diabetes, M.S. Lupus, Bi-polar conditions, or Schizophrenia…

    Certainly, Schizophrenia is a disease of disorganized mental thought and perception and therefore a very difficult disease for family members, loved ones and friends, in addition to the individual with this condition. But, my aunt was always grateful for her life, and my uncle…yes he was extraordinarily compassionate…loved his wife tremendously and they had a special marriage based on a deep understanding on my uncle’s part of what it means to extend a heart to someone in need.

    My aunt while being treated at Yale lived with my family, so I got to participate in her recovery process. Later on in my teen years I volunteered at a local hospital in the psychiatric ward…I considered being a psychologist, but life led me in a different direction. Throughout my life I have been friends with individuals who have this condition, and I enjoy these friendships tremendously…these are extremely creative souls…and I honor each of them… I’m glad for our friendships, and I encourage everyone to always extend friendship openly to those suffering from this treatable health matter.

    In my opinion, there are no perfect people, but there are perfect friendships…those friends with whom when we are present, the cares and troubles we all face in daily life seem somehow to melt away, at least for a while…those friends whom we may show our human frailties and know that we are accepted and understood, effortlessly…

    Be well,

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