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 Debs33 on

Hi thanks for responding :). Latitude ! I’m in Melbourne Australia so i think that’s like 37 degrees sth latitude. We do have a mild winter. I do get out in the sun most days most of the year as i have animals i tend to. Time of day out side is around 10am, then 3pm and 8pm ( i know the 8pm is too late/ and hottest time of our day is around 4pm ), 20 minutes approx sometimes more if cleaning out cages and coops. No sunscreen unless I’m going on a long hike or to the beach where ill be in the sun for hours. I did just read that high cortisol levels can affect vitamin D levels. My cortisol levels are around 900 to 1200 ( normal range is 119-618 ). I am wondering if this is true and related. I was diagnosed with cushing’s Disease in February this year and had 95% of my pituitary gland removed, yet my cortisol levels have remained high.

Answered by  Debs33 on

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