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Vitamin D Newsletter

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Recent Newsletters

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Newsletter Archives

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  • 2010.01 Another Autism Case Report HTML
  • 2009.12 More Vitamin D Studies of Interest HTML
  • 2009.09 New Harvard Paper on Autism HTML
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  • 2009.09 Vitamin D Studies of Interest HTML
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  • 2009.03 All Things Vitamin D HTML
  • 2008.12 Vitamin A Toxicity HTML
  • 2008.10 Vitamin D in Pediatrics HTML
  • 2008.07 Supplementing With Vitamin D HTML
  • 2008.06 A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and Vitamin D HTML
  • 2008.05 San Diego Vitamin D Symposium HTML
  • 2008.04 Vitamin D Question and Answer HTML
  • 2008.01 Does Vitamin D Treat Cancer? HTML
  • 2007.12 Does Vitamin D Prevent Cancer?  HTML
  • 2007.11 The Canadians HTML
  • 2007.08 The Tragedy of Autism and the Promise of Vitamin D HTML
  • 2007.05 Vitamin D and Autism HTML
  • 2007.03 supp. Why Athletic Performance Matters HTML
  • 2007.03 Peak Athletic Performance and Vitamin D HTML PDF
  • 2007.02 Transmission of Influenza HTML
  • 2006.12–2007.01 It's Time to Get Serious... HTML
  • 2006.11 "Gilchrest Fractures" HTML
  • 2006.10 Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D HTML PDF
  • 2006.08 Dr. Cannell Answers More Readers' Questions HTML PDF
  • 2006.06–07 Is Vitamin D an Antibiotic? HTML
  • 2006.05 Vitamin D Workshop in Victoria HTML PDF
  • 2006.04 Dr. Cannell Answers Readers' Questions HTML PDF
  • 2006.03 Dr. Wactawski-Wende, New England Journal of Medicine, and Ethics HTML PDF
  • 2006.02 Professor Barbara Gilchrest HTML PDF
  • 2006.01 Questions and Answers HTML PDF
  • 2005.12 Paradigms and Paradoxes HTML PDF
  • 2005.11 Pascal's Wager and Pandemic Influenza HTML PDF


Audio interviews with Vitamin D Council Executive Director Dr. John Cannell (mp3 format).


Vitamin D Council public service announcements in Windows Media format.

Information Handouts (MS Word format)

  • Vitamin D Deficiency and You

Articles and Scientific Papers (PDF Format)

Guides for the Health Care Professional (PDF)

  • From CME:
    The Clinical Importance of Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol): A Paradigm Shift With Implications For All Health Care Providers

Newsletter Archives (PDF Format)



  • All Politics is Local
  • NIH Conference on Vitamin D3 and Cancer
  • NIH Conference on Vitamin D2 and Cancer
  • Obesity and Vitamin D
  • The Governor, Muscles, and Vitamin D


  • Damage From Vitamin D Deficiency May Be Massive
  • Vitamin D and Colon Cancer
  • Vitamin D Toxicity Quiz Answers
  • Vitamin D Toxicity: Fact, Fiction, or Racism? - A Quiz
  • Vitamin D On the Web
  • Vitamin D Quiz
  • Major Depression and Vitamin D

Press Releases (PDF Format)



  • Complaint Against Dr. Gilchrest
  • Vitamin D May Help Treat Prostate Cancer
  • Vieth's Study on Depression
  • Professor Holick's Warning


  • Mayo Clinic Proceedings
  • Vitamin D and CRP
  • Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer
  • Breast Milk and Vitamin D
  • Health Care Professionals Ignore Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic
  • NIH Conference on Vitamin D Confirms Widespread Deficiencies

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