Vitamin D Council Glossary

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Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology.
Fellow of the American College of Neuro-psychiatrists.
Fellow of the American College of Physicians.
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Group of scientists whose goal is to advance biological science through collaborative advocacy for research policies that promote scientific progress and education and lead to improvements in human health.
A clotting material in the blood.
A type of cell that produces collagen and is found in connective tissue.
Fibroblast growth factor-23 (FGF23)
Hormone central to phosphate and vitamin D metabolism.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
An agency of the United States government that is part of the Department of Health and Human Services and is responsible for protecting the health of the public.
Food and Nutrition Board (FNB)
Component of the United States' Institute of Medicine established in 1940 "to study issues of national importance pertaining to the safety and adequacy of the nation's food supply, to establish principles and guidelines for adequate nutrition, and to render authoritative judgment on the relationships among food intake, nutrition, and health, at the request of various agencies."
Free Thyroxine (FT4)
Free T4. More sensitive indicator of developing hypothyroidism than T3. FT4 assays, combined with TSH assays, are the most accurate assessment of thyroid status.

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