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Recent study shows the current trends in prescriptions for Vitamin D

Posted on: August 27, 2015   by  John Cannell, MD


Sometimes it seems that no one is listening about the importance of vitamin D. Then a paper like this one is published:

Morioka TY, Bolin JT, Attipoe S, Jones DR, Stephens MB, Deuster PA. Trends in Vitamin A, C, D, E, K Supplement Prescriptions From Military Treatment Facilities: 2007 to 2011. Mil Med. 2015 Jul;180(7):748-53. doi: 10.7205/MILMED-D-14-00511.

Below is a graph for prescriptions of vitamin D in the military from 2007 to 2011.

vitamin D prescription graph

It shows that prescriptions for vitamin D is increasing dramatically for those aged > 44, but only marginally increasing for those aged < 18 years of age.

This means that the pediatricians are still not following the American Academy of Pediatric’s recommendation to provide vitamin D to infants and toddlers. Since vitamin D is so involved in growth and development, it is crucial that young children be given supplemental vitamin D.

We have come a long way but the Vitamin D Council still has a lot of work to do.

1 Response to Recent study shows the current trends in prescriptions for Vitamin D

  1. Ron Carmichael

    Unfortunately, I still receive prescriptions from prescribers for vitamin D2 on a routine basis.
    Through proactive and gentle persuasion, I have convinced many to switch to D3, often with a single, short call. The problem is actually getting them on the phone – but if I mention to the person filtering the call, “I have a problem on the prescription for patient X, and need to speak directly to the doctor, and I’m glad to hold”, often it just takes a little nudge and he/she will start using the D3. The more difficult step is persuading them to go to either lower daily, or more frequent 50K, since they think prescribing 50,000iu D2 once a week (and some even, once a MONTH) is adequate. I have to wonder what the graph would look like, if it was graphing D2 separately from D3, separately from daily dosing vs. weekly dosing.

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