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RCT: Vitamin D supplements benefit arterial stiffness

Posted on: April 18, 2013   by  John Cannell, MD


In Israel, some researchers still think that 1,000 IUs of vitamin D is “high dose.” However, Doctor Breslavsky, working under the supervision of Professor Shargorodsky at Tel Aviv University, did find out some very interesting facts about 1,000 IU/day and changes in heart health and general health of diabetic patients, despite the low supplementation amounts.

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1 Response to RCT: Vitamin D supplements benefit arterial stiffness

  1. Rita and Misty

    Dr. Cannell~

    Of course you are correct: 1,000 i.u. d3 daily is such a pitifully low amount…I am happily surprised the researchers found the positive benefit upon arterial stiffness. Otherwise, the study would have been used to badly publicize this essential nutrient, pro-hormone D.

    Just think of the possible benefits to be discovered if researchers would use the 25(OH)D level as a gauge, with optimal reference range of 50 ng/ml—80 ng/ml? (of course this is only my opinion)

    You know, I often feel that I need to be a bit apologetic when writing such strong opinions on health matters, as I have only what I read and think to back me up…I’m not a physician or research scientist.

    I hope others here take what I say in the spirit of good dialogue, and I would welcome thoughts from those who are trained medical professionals and/or scientists.

    But truly: I think that research is pointing to D being the master hormone; and Dr Cannell, to learn from you that “the two hormones share the same type of receptor super family” is very interesting to me, as I have experienced such a positive impact upon my own thyroid related conditions since my 25(OH)D serum level has surpassed 74 ng/ml. After all, I have heard the thyroid called the master gland.

    Be well!

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