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Find out more information on deficiency, supplementation, sun exposure, and how vitamin D relates to your health.

What are the new vitamin D levels recommended by Vitamin D Council, due to new studies on Vitamin D levels & all cause morbidity? As per Dr. Alan Christianson, ND, he is recommending to keep levels between 40-50 ng/ml now versus 50-80 ng/ml which has been the recommendation for years. As an autoimmune patient & RN, I've keep my levels around 80 ng/ml for years with supplementation of 7,000 IU's/day. I've since backed down my supplementation to 5,l000 IU's/day to reach the new upper limit of 50 ng/ml. What is Vitamin D Council's current recommendation for optimal Vitamin D levels…50 or 80 ng/ml? The most current article on your website is dated 2010. Thank-you.

Ask the Vitamin D Council

Asked by  drhyner@swbell.net on September 5, 2016


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    The Council’s position has not really changed. We recommend that everyone have a “healthy” level of a minimum of 50ng/ml. We already know that a levels below 40ng/ml and your chances for cancer and autoimmune disease increases dramatically. At levels below 40ng/ml and you do not “store” any Vitamin D. At levels below 40ng/ml and breastfeeding mother’s have no Vitamin D in their milk for the baby.
    Having said that, we recommend higher levels to those who are in, what I am going to call a “diseased state” . For those people it may take higher amounts and higher levels to “cure” or “slow progression”.
    So since you have an autoimmune disease does the 7000iu you were taking “cure” or keep it under control? IF it has not “cured” it, what if you took 10,000iu a day and it did “cure” you but your level was now over 100ng/ml. Would you take the 10,000iu to be symptom free or go by your level?

    Answered by  IAW on