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I am a 70 yo female. I have been diagnosed with low vitamin d and have been taking over the counter 5000iu d. My symptoms were depression muscle pain in shoulders arms legs etc. I'm in my sixth week of taking the vitamin and I felt good a couple days and the. Felt bad again. It seems to be intermittent. Definitely better than 6 weeks ago but off and on. Furthermore, I just had follow up blood work done and said my levels are now normal. One, is it possible for symptoms to be so intermittent and two, would I still be having symptoms if my levels are normal now. Also, could my levels be dipping lower on different days, hours of the days, etc?

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Asked by  nixon39344285400 on August 30, 2016


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    Unfortunately just because your levels are “normal” does not mean “healthy”. For instance at my lab the Vitamin D range is 30ng/ml-100ng/ml. (In other countries and labs the low end is even 20ng/ml.) The Vitamin D Council exists to promote a “healthy” level of 50ng/ml or above. It has already been proved in studies that your risk for cancer increases dramatically at Vitamin D levels below 40ng/ml.
    So do you know what your level actually is or did they just say “normal”? You are probably still below 50ng/ml and more like just over 30ng/ml. Even if you are not below 50ng/ml either you just need to take more to feel better or since you have made progress you just need more time. (Vitamin D can be measured as ng/ml or nmol/l and it makes a huge difference so make sure you know what measurement is being used.)
    If you want to, you could double what you take to10.000iu a day. Keep taking that until all your symptoms go away, for let’s say a complete week. Then drop back down to 5000iu a day. If symptoms stay away, good. If they start coming back then you just might be someone that needs to take a little more than 5000iu a day. (Also if you weigh a lot more than 150lbs, you will need to take more Vitamin D.)

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