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The Vitamin D Council philanthropist donor program

The Vitamin D Council, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is working with substantial donors to help the organization raise funds in 2014 and establish an endowment fund. With your help, the Vitamin D Council can open an endowment fund for investment purposes and draw from the fund as needed.

This fund will help financially secure the Vitamin D Council for years to come and will help finance planned large projects that will both significantly shape the vitamin D landscape and serve the public, to help both the general population and those in need.

How to donate
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The history of the Council

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The Vitamin D Council is a nonprofit organization working to educate the public on vitamin D, sunlight, and health.
The Vitamin D Council was formed in 2003 by current Executive Director John J Cannell, MD. He believed that there were likely bad consequences in getting so little sun exposure and wanted to do something about it.

Today, the Vitamin D Council website has nearly 5.5 million visitors each year. We have over 40,000 Facebook followers, 18,000 Twitter followers, and a newsletter list of 75,000 subscribers.

We provide crucial information on vitamin D, how to get it, why people are deficient and more. We cover the latest breakthroughs in research, and we provide health professionals with what they need to know about vitamin D.

The future of the Council

The Vitamin D Council has significant short-term and long-term goals and projects. Support from you and colleagues will help us realize these goals and see through these projects.

All of our projects revolve around better shaping the vitamin D landscape, helping improve the Council’s capacity, or securing ways the Council can raise funds in the future.

Planned Projects
Project About
Establish an endowment fund This will allow the Vitamin D Council to have a secure source of funds to draw from to complete projects and increase outreach.
Develop a vitamin D testing kit Developing a Vitamin D Council vitamin D testing kit will make it easier and more cost effective for the public to have access to their vitamin D levels and to take important steps to improve and maintain them.
Establish a network of vitamin D knowledgeable healthcare professionals A database of vitamin D healthcare professionals will help the public find and get connected with vitamin D experts in their area.
Improve website usability and functionality Improving the website is an important, ongoing project that will help improve membership information and the ability for the Vitamin D Council to get important information about vitamin D to the public.
Translate website into multiple languages Developing the website into other popular languages will allow for increased outreach to previously untouched groups.
Create stronger outreach campaigns and create new campaigns The Vitamin D Council wants to implement more campaigns similar to Vitamin D Day. Focusing funds in this area will allow the Vitamin D Council to increase it’s activity in the local community and the public at large.
Why vitamin D?

Simply put, people in the 21st century aren’t getting enough sunlight with our indoor lifestyles. As a consequence, vitamin D deficiency is the most common condition on the planet, more common than any other nutrient deficiency. We need to change that.

This issue is important, because higher vitamin D levels have been associated with a decreased risk for heart disease, various cancers, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and more. Vitamin D may help manage and improve aspects of these diseases.

How to donate

To send a tax-deductible donation in the mail, please make checks out to Vitamin D Council and send them to the address listed below.

If you wish to use another service to make a donation, please call our office at (805) 439-1075 Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Or you can also email Executive Director Missy Sturges at msturges@vitamindcouncil.org.

Contact us

Vitamin D Council
1241 Johnson Ave. #134,
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
United States

General inquiries: info@vitamindcouncil.org

Nonprofit information
Tax returns

For more information on our nonprofit organization, please see our About us page and subpages.

  • Dr. John J. Cannell – Medical Director
  • Missy Sturges – Executive Director
  • Amber Tovey – Program Manager
  • Riley Peterson – Community Coordinator
  • Geoffrey Lubbock – President of the Board
  • Dr. William Grant – Board Member
  • Dr. Sadeq Quraishi – Board Member
  • Roy Castro – Board Member
  • Patrick Crawford – Board Member
  • Patrick Wallen – Board Member

For full biographies of our staff and board, please see our Team and board page.

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