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Participants needed for new study to demonstrate standardization of vitamin D assays

Posted on: March 2, 2015   by  Vitamin D Council


The Vitamin D Standardization Program (VDSP) is an international collaborative effort created in order to standardize the laboratory measurement of vitamin D status to improve clinical and public health practice worldwide.

A standardized laboratory measurement is one that is accurate and comparable over time, location, and laboratory procedure.

As interest in vitamin D has increased the demand for testing, many labs have developed their own methods of testing and manufacturers are introducing new types of assays altogether. Currently, vitamin D standardization on an international scale is incomplete, and some assays vary with their results. This can confuse clinicians and limit the utility of these assays for patient care.

Therefore, the VDSP is conducting a study called the VDSP Commutability Study 2, in which they will test the vitamin levels of 50 healthy donor samples using different vitamin D assays from various assay manufacturers and clinical and research laboratories and compare the results to existing standardization guidelines.

They are currently in the recruitment phase and are looking for laboratories that use commercially available assay platforms, including clinical and research laboratories using commercially available assay platforms or in-house developed assays.

During the participant recruitment phase, VDSP will distribute a questionnaire on assay and platform system, assay performance data, and verification that laboratories agree to be identified in eventual summary publications to interested parties.

For more information, including requirements for participation, please read this paper.

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