Vitamin D news

Study: Vitamin D reduces respiratory infections, antibiotic use

14 December 2012

Research published today in British Medical Journal suggests that daily supplementation with vitamin D results in less severe respiratory infections and less antibiotic use in a susceptible population.

Additional evidence that vitamin D reduces the risk of developing autism

14 December 2012

A new study found prevalence of autism among U.S. children is inversely correlated with solar UVB doses, the primary source of vitamin D. Maternal vitamin D deficiency or vitamin D deficiency in early life could explain this finding.

Vitamin D tied to breast cancer outcome

14 December 2012

Vitamin D may be the reason why some women have better outcomes in the treatment of breast cancer, new research says.

Vitamin D status during pregnancy linked to birth weight

12 December 2012

A recent study found that pregnant mothers who had sufficient vitamin D levels at 26 weeks or less gave birth to babies with increased weights and head circumference.

Low dose vitamin D, calcium disappoint in dementia study

07 December 2012

A recent study found that low doses of vitamin D and calcium taken together offered little protection against dementia for older women.

Vitamin D may increase women's ability to fight HIV

06 December 2012

Research published online in AIDS reports that women who start HIV treatment late in the course of their infection gain significantly fewer CD4 immune cells if they have insufficient vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D linked to women's cognitive health

04 December 2012

Two recent studies appearing in the Journals of Gerontology: Series A suggests that vitamin D plays a vital role in the cognitive health of aging women.

RCT: Vitamin D improves respiratory infections

30 November 2012

Research presented Wednesday at the Swedish Society for Medicine annual conference in Stockholm reports a beneficial effect of vitamin D for respiratory infections.

Nordic countries will reevaluate vitamin D recommendations

28 November 2012

The Nordic Council of Ministers has appointed a working group to review and set new guidelines for fat and carbohydrate quality, protein, alcohol, calcium, folate, iodine, iron, food-based dietary guidelines and of course, vitamin D.

Newly discovered effects of vitamin D on cancer

26 November 2012

Researchers at McGill University may have uncovered the molecular basis for the previously observed cancer effects of vitamin D.

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