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Vitamin D lowers CRP

Mary from Long Island writes:

I have experienced only positive results.

Dr. Cannell: I just wanted to share. I take 20,000 unites per day for 2 years now. I have experienced only positive results. My levels are currently 91 ng/mL. My high sensitive CRP decreased from 25 to .01. All the people I provide health coaching to (as an occupational therapist) are deficient or have absolutely none at all as a blood level.

Dr. Cannell replies:

Great, but keep checking your 25(OH)D levels. Several studies are confirming that vitamin D lowers CRP. I'm so glad you are doing this on your own for patients, as an occupational therapist, but are you putting all your patients on 20,000 IU/day? I hope not. The proper dose for healthy adults is 5,000 IU/day.

Page last edited: 05 November 2010