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Obtaining adequate doses of vitamin D

Summer sunlight may be the best option for receiving vitamin D in Germany.

Hans from Germany emailed:

Dr. Cannell:

As a nutritionist, I am preparing my own website to spread the word about vitamin D to the German speaking parts of Europe. Germans are not allowed to import pharmaceuticals into Europe on our own. Higher dose supplements are declared medication by customs. Customs has the right to search every parcel from foreign countries and if products are found inside that are deemed medication they might be destroyed without further notice to the recipient. That means that a European government agency decided which vitamins and minerals in which forms and doses are necessary for the European people and may be used as supplements. Thank you for your good work!

Dr Cannell replies:

What you describe may be coming to the USA. For now, sunshine during the German summers, safe and sensible use of sun-tanning booths in the winter, or taking 12 of the 400 IU tablets/day of the vitamin D that is available in Germany may be the only legal way to obtain enough vitamin D in Germany. However, I believe Bio-Tech Pharmacal ships overseas. Email their customer service at [email protected] Remember, if you use sun-tanning beds; ask for either the full-spectrum or the older type of low-pressure beds; do not use the high-pressure UVA beds.

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