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Converting vitamin D blood level units 

Seth from Vancouver writes: 

Dr. Cannell: My father and I have had our 25 OH Vitamin D tests in Canada, but have received the results in nmol/L. I am stunned that your website does not appear to address how to convert these units to the units you use, ng/ml. I found a web blog that claimed that to convert you divide nmol/L by 2.5 to get ng/ml, but I would greatly appreciate a confirmation of this, and I strongly suggest this tidbit needs to be added to your web site. Thank you.

Dr Cannell replies:

Yes, divide nmol/L by 2.5 to get ng/mL. In the USA, all labs report 25(OH)D levels as ng/mL so no division is needed. As far as our website goes, the conversion is now on it, thank you. The English company Minervation is well into a two-year project of greatly improving our website. Dr. William Grant, a member of our Board, is working closely with Minervation to get the science right. The current website began in 2003 when I spent several months writing it and my son then published it on the internet, so it is far from perfect.

Page last edited: 05 November 2010