Vitamin D Newsletter


Food and Nutrition Board meeting on vitamin D

Bruce from Maryland writes:

Dr. Cannell:
Are you going to the August 4th meeting of the Food and Nutrition Board on Vitamin D in Washington DC?

Dr. Cannell replies:

No, it is not in the Council's budget. But, the meeting is free, and the public can register to make a 5 minute verbal comment. I encourage anyone who can go to attend the meeting in Washington D.C on August 4: Meeting 2: Committee to Review Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin D.

While we are on the subject of vitamin D meetings, the big one, the week long one, the one that only occurs every two years, with lots of new exciting vitamin D research, is in Brugge Belgium in October. This is the one I am saving to go to: 14th Vitamin D Workshop, October 4–8, 2009, Brugge, Belgium.

Vitamin D Test Results and Quest

Nancy from Rhode Island writes:

Dr. Cannell:
I thought you got Quest to fix their Vitamin D test. On 3/12/09 my vitamin D,25 hydroxy test at Quest Labs came out as 62 ng/mL Whereas on 3/29 at Lab Corps the same test showed 44.2 ng/mL. What's up?

Dr. Cannell replies:

Remember, to compare the technique Quest uses to the technique Lab Corp uses you must divide Quest's result by 1.3. So your Quest result was really 48 ng/mL, which is close to Lab Corp's results.

Note January 2012: Quest has fixed this problem and no longer has skewed 25(OH)D test results.

Thank You Carole Baggerly

Jeanne from California writes:

Dr. Cannell:
I see things changing very quickly, the AMA, the American Public Health Association, and the American Pediatric Association. They have all changed their vitamin D positions in the last year. Thank you for all that you do.

Dr. Cannell replies:

I am certainly not the one who lobbied these organizations for change. The person who did that has lots of friends and knows lots of people. Her name is Carole Baggerly and her organization is GrassrootsHealth. Even the Skin Cancer Foundation, backed by dermatologists and the cosmetic Industry, is now recommending 1,000 IU/day. Thank Carole and her friends and network and people skills. Carole is going on a Canadian tour this summer, talking about breast cancer and vitamin D. You may contact her for more information.

Page last edited: 10 January 2012