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Sunlight Needed For Malabsorption

Mary from Quebec writes:

Dr. Cannell: I am not able to raise my 25(OH)D levels past 38 nM/L and I am on 8,000 IU  D3 a day now! (trying for 2 years) I have gut issues. So, I am thinking that maybe Calderol or Dedrogyl might be appropriate. Can you lead me to links on that aspect? I have fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. I would like to talk about this with my doctor.

Dr. Cannell replies:

You didn't give your weight so I don't know if you're not absorbing it or it is depositing itself in fat tissues. I suspect you are not absorbing it. The two prescription items you mentioned, Calderol and Dedrogyl, are both 25(OH)D. Although they are effective, there is no reason to use them unless your liver is not hydroxylating vitamin D. I suspect that your level would be fine if you started using a sun tan parlor twice a week. Or, you could go to 10,000–15,000 IU  per day. However, at that dose, you should get your 25(OH)D level checked every four months. For malabsorption syndromes, a sun tanning parlor once or twice a week is ideal or a home vitamin D lamp.

Page last edited: 06 November 2010