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Arthritis and Prostate Cancer

Frank from Waterbury writes:

Dr. Cannell: COPD appears to respond to vitamin D in two ways. It improves pulmonary function through an unknown mechanism and it prevents lower respiratory infections that usually exacerbate underlying lung disDr. Cannell: I have been taking 10,000 IU vitamin D per day for over three years and my arthritis and prostate cancer are gone (at least my PSA  returned to normal) and I am paddling my canoe and starting to run again and feel much stronger now. I had my 80 birthday this July. Thank you for your website and newsletter. I think I'd literally be dead without it. ase. As far as helping, we need donations in order to run a national TV advertising campaign.

Dr. Cannell replies:

You're welcome. While there are no interventional trials using vitamin D in arthritis, cross sectional and longitudinal epidemiological studies suggest it would have a treatment effect. Professor Reinhold Vieth, in an open trial, discovered that 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day slowed the rate of growth of PSA. Other men with prostate cancer have written to me that their PSA returned to normal with higher doses of vitamin D although it takes up to a year.

Page last edited: 10 August 2010