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Vitamin D Deficiency and Heart Disease

Anonymous writes:

Dr. Cannell: What's the most interesting recent paper about vitamin D?

Dr. Cannell replies:

Dr. Armin Zittermann has again raised the question that vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of heart disease. He has also recommended 2,000–4,000 units of vitamin D (50–100 mcg) daily for those with heart disease. I find this interesting because my father-in-law has heart disease and hypertension. He has had an irregular pulse, called trigeminy, for several years. He recently agreed to take 200,000 units of vitamin D a day for three days and then maintain himself on 5,000 units a day. Two days after beginning 200,000 units a day his trigeminy disappeared and his blood pressure reverted to normal. A week later, after taking only 5,000 units a day for several days, his trigeminy reappeared. A month after taking 5,000 units a day his trigeminy again disappeared and didn't return and his blood pressure remained improved. There is a case study in the literature describing a woman with long standing cardiac arrhythmia (sick sinus syndrome) that disappeared when she started taking vitamin D for an unrelated condition.

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