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Vitamin D and Genistein for Cancer

Anonymous writes:

Dr. Cannell: Who is Professor Heidi Cross and why has she been in the news lately?

Dr. Cannell replies:

Dr. Cross is a researcher at the Medical University of Vienna. Recently, she has made the case that the reason people who eat soy products have lower rates of cancer is because one of the components of soy, genistein isoflavone, blocks the enzyme that degrades vitamin D and thus raises tissue levels of activated vitamin D. She makes the case that cancer could not only be prevented, but possibly treated, not only by taking vitamin D, but by manipulating the enzymes that metabolize (build up) and catabolize (break down) vitamin D. It's important to lay persons and non-medical professionals because the substances necessary to do all this, vitamin D and genistein are available without a prescription. I should add that Dr. Cross does not recommend lay people do this on their own, she is making the case for further research. However, if you are fighting a serious cancer, the relative risk of taking 10,000 units of vitamin D and 1,000 mg of genistein every day is quite small compared to your impending death.

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