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New study underway on vitamin D supplementation and respiratory infection in toddlers

Posted on: February 10, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


A new study out of Canada aims to determine the effects of high dose vitamin D on respiratory outcomes in young children.

The study, called the DO IT trial, is part of a larger study underway in Canada called TARGet Kids (The Applied Research Group for Kids). TARGet Kids is research project that aims to learn more about the health of Canadian children through their growth, development and over the long-term. This large project is taking a look at potential health consequences of low vitamin D, as well as at preschool diet and dietary vitamin D intake. More information on TARGet Kids can be found here.

While there are several smaller vitamin D studies within the TARGet Kids project, to date, these studies are all observational. The DO IT trial, on the other hand, will be a randomized controlled trial. The study will include 750 children ages 1-5 years old who will be recruited over 3 separate winters.

The children will be randomized to receive either 400 IU/day (the current recommendation) or 2,000 IU/day for a minimum of 4 months. The researchers will track total asthma and respiratory infection events throughout the 4 months.

Ultimately, the researchers will analyze the rate of respiratory infections between the groups as well as the effects vitamin D may have on respiratory outcomes.

“This information will assist in determining practice and healthy policy recommendations related to vitamin D supplementation in healthy Canadian preschoolers and place Canada at the forefront of pediatric vitamin D health outcomes research,” the researchers stated.

If you are located in Toronto and are interested in participating in the study, you can visit one of the participating primary care offices in the area. Visit http://targetkidssu.wordpress.com/about/participating-primary-care-practices/ for more information and a list of participating care offices.


Maguire, J. et al. DO IT Trial: vitamin D Outcomes and Interventions in Toddlers – a TARGet Kids! randomized controlled trial. BMC Pediatrics, 2014.

1 Response to New study underway on vitamin D supplementation and respiratory infection in toddlers

  1. Michael

    Well, well, well. Another 4 month trial of 400 vs 2000. Do these pseudo-scientists have no shame. A lifetime of poor child health due to Vitamin D deficiency with tissue damage and malformation won’t heal the child enough in 4 months to make a measurable difference is most cases.

    Where are the law suits against school districts for keeping wheel chair bound kids and most special ed kids hidden from sunshine — over-bundled up and with big hats, lest they get skin cancer tumors all over their pallid faces.

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