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New study explores the effects of high dose vitamin D in children with diabetes

Posted on: July 3, 2014   by  John Cannell, MD


An important new retrospective study was published last week about the experience that some endocrinologists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have had with treating vitamin D deficiency in their pediatric patients with diabetes.

The study, conducted by Drs. Benjamin Nwosu and Louise Maranda, looked at the medical records of children with diabetes who had been supplementing with vitamin D.

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6 Responses to New study explores the effects of high dose vitamin D in children with diabetes

  1. Rita and Misty

    My 84 year old uncle has been a severe diabetic for many years, and immobilized due to pain from nerve damage.

    About two years ago, my mom and I made a decision, as his primary caretakers, to dose him with large amounts of D. His physician reluctantly agreed to test my uncle’s blood twice a year via the 25(OH)D test. My uncle started to make improvements when his 25(OH)D level reached the higher end of optimal (100 ng/ml). Improvements being less pain, more mobility and less need for insulin.

    Unfortunately, his physician “freaked out” when one (1) of my uncle’s 25(OH)D blood tests resulted in numbers close to 200 ng/ml. His physician told my uncle that my mom and I were poisoning him. His physician also threatened my mom that he would report our “abuse” to the state of Connecticut. My uncle was furious with my mom and me. My mom was heartbroken to be called abusive. I felt the more I spoke to any of them–doctor, uncle, mom–the less I accomplished. So I gave up.

    Fast forward to now. Here are the results of my uncle not taking any vitamin D: His sugar is uncontrollable; he is again immobilized..his pain is tremendous. BUT, — now my uncle’s physician is quite happy that my uncle’s 25(OH)D level is 25 ng/ml, and my uncle is on mega doses of Percocet, totally immobilized and 100% constipated.

    There are only so many battles I can fight. I get tired too.

    **regarding the current 25 ng/ml status, my uncle’s doctor highly recommends Cod Liver Oil (to me this is the poison–but no one hears me–I am totally BLOCKED).

    Oh well.

  2. [email protected]

    100 IU/kg/day is OK for PREVENTION
    Many studies have found that TREATING a disease often takes 3X as much as PREVENTION.
    Most TREATMENTS should also use loading doses.
    Vitamin D is often not a monotherapy.
    Many studies have found that adding Magnesium greatly aids vitamin D in treating diabetes.

  3. Magic


    Your story with your uncle mimics my story with my wife with the exception that our case was reported and two armed policemen came to the door. The lady from Adult Protective services convinced my wife that I was a bad guy and my wife went 12 miles from here to a nursing home where she went downhill for 32 days, missed her 78th birthday and Christmas. The investigation included all close relatives and friends. We have been married for 55 years but I guess that meant nothing.

    These people mean business. Too long a story to get into here but they checked her numbers every week until the number was 50. Then they quit and I decided my wife needed help and she is taking what I am ,,,20,000 a day…..

    Sadly, these doctors believe they are right. Her doctor only looked for the side effects. Neither I, my wife or anybody I know who is benefiting from D3 have ever had those side effects..

  4. Ron Carmichael

    One may need to as much as double their dosage during the winter months, if they arrive at a “mother-nature” dosing level during the summer/early fall. And based on the (lack of) evidence of risk, it seems far more prudent to err on the side of “too much” compared to “not enough”…while getting tested often enough throughout the seasons to establish what the needs actually are.

  5. Magic

    Rita is in Connecticut and we are in Eugene, Oregon. It is interesting………and DISGUSTING how close the doctors.

    Unbelievable horror when the numbers are high and complete satisfaction when they cut off the patient and the numbers are LOW. Nevermind that the patient goes downhill. PAIN in both cases that was eased or eliminated…BUT what do they care.

    I have never seen anyone who overdosed. (I am familiar with those that purposedly did, but not sick people.) I find nausea as an interesting “side effect.” No one wants to be nauseated. If I were purposely trying to get people to steer clear of a remedy I would use nausea ,

    I am not a doctor.l I understand that they are taught this stuff in med school. Sad.. Is Big Pharma doing it.? Lots of doctors on the internet are implying iit.

  6. Rita and Misty

    Well let me assume the pose of so many physicians I have had the great privilege of knowing throughout my nearly 50 years existence: “I can’t hear you! My eyes are covered and my ears are plugged! And, oh by the way: I am so very (very) very busy! Please leave me alone!”

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