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New study: Does chemotherapy have an effect on vitamin D levels?

Posted on: January 7, 2014   by  Brant Cebulla


Research published in the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences suggests patients with acute myeloid leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia have lower vitamin D levels during or after chemotherapy compared to before treatment. This study was published last January (2013), but has just finally been indexed into PubMed recently, which is why we are reporting on it now.

To date, there hasn’t been much research looking at the vitamin D levels of newly diagnosed AML and ALL patients when you compare to the amount of literature on the vitamin D levels of nearly diagnosed breast, colon and prostate cancer patients.

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1 Response to New study: Does chemotherapy have an effect on vitamin D levels?

  1. hlahore@gmail.com

    Be very careful – vitamin D can be deadly if you are taking chemo and the chemo dose is not reduced.
    Vitamin D greatly increases the potency of some chemo.
    There are 214 web pages on Chemotherapy and Vitamin D on VitaminDWiki
    Has an overview which includes a chart showing your options for taking vitamin D with chemotherapy – before, during, and after.

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