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New research looks at correlation between vitamin D and magnesium

Posted on: September 19, 2013   by  Rebecca Oshiro


In support of a novel hypothesis, data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) revealed a statistically significant link between magnesium intake and vitamin D status.

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2 Responses to New research looks at correlation between vitamin D and magnesium

  1. Ian

    So, how important are these results for the various intervention studies around the world that are supplementing vitamin D to see an effect on Multiple Sclerosis?

    If these subjects are not given magnesium along with the vitamin D then we might expect that their VDBP levels may not be sufficient for the conversion of 25(OH)D to 1,25(OH)D. It may be that there is enough to carry the cholecalciferol to the liver for conversion to 25(OH)D and so allow a measurable increase of 25(OH)D but not sufficient to bind the 25(OH)D for conversion to 1,25(OH)D.

    The consequence of that could then be that the researchers measure a significant rise in serum 25(OH)D but have little treatment effect of MS. The conclusion would then be that vitamin D supplementation raised levels but no or low effect on MS. The results would then be invalid because magnesium was not tested or given along with the vitamin D supplement (cholecalciferol). Unless they measured 1,25(OH)D before and after.

  2. [email protected]

    It is good that the world is concern about global deficiency of vitamin D. But more serious questions are to be answered before the matter is solved. Guess work is no option to solving the problem. Being positive is the Supergun to resolve the matter which is outstanding. Magnesium a co-factor in 300 pathways in biochemical process. You can not avoid it. Be it stress control, cancer prevention or insomnia among others. It is the king of minerals. I am not surprised to read this. Alone we fall but being together we win. The complexity of biochemical process is not a one man show. Trials where vitamin D has not validated its value has always been used by sckceptist to grow wings. Be warned! it is an integral function. One of the readers one time advised that in all trials where vitamin D has not produce valid results. Can it be re-designed in combination with a co-factor?. I don’t know if who want’s to discredit vitamin D benefits have taken note of this..Just think of omega-3 as an anti-toxin to clear way for for vitamin D transformation and use by different anatomical structure of the body tissues in both endocrine and panacrine pathways. Add the like of magnesium, boron,zinc, selenium as co-factors and best still carriers like VDBP. this is molecular biology telling you what is missing and you are playing a blind eye. It is serious. But some of us who are Advanced practitioners would not wait for evidence from RCT. We shall move forward to gather evidence
    that is needed waiting for time of consensus.One of the recent article talked about functional deficiency of Vitamin D, whereby there si less signalling by 1.25(OH)2 while vitamin D level was high enough,PTH elevated, VDBP high enough but 1,25(OH)2D low, probably caused by anti-HIV drug tenovir. Nothing was mentioned about co-factors?. Was this a forgotten issue?.

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