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New paper: Autism, will vitamin D treat core symptoms?

Posted on: June 12, 2013   by  John Cannell, MD


I have just produced my fourth peer reviewed article on vitamin D and autism while with the Vitamin D Council. This one makes the case that vitamin D supplements, if given in adequate dose and at the right time, may both prevent and treat autism.

Cannell JJ. Autism, will vitamin D treat core symptoms? Med Hypotheses. 2013 May 29.

In the paper, which contains references for all the statements below, I make so many points. Follow me through 16 of them:

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3 Responses to New paper: Autism, will vitamin D treat core symptoms?

  1. Mary

    Dr. Cannell,
    I have seen you mention that you see improvements in autistic children treated with Vitamin D when their blood level of 25(OH) reached or exceeded 75 ng/ml, but not at 50ng/ml. I wonder what effect combining Vitamin D therapy with Vitamin K2 has on these kids. Does Vitamin K2 change the overall effectiveness or the blood level at which improvements occurs? Also, could Vitamin K2 make the therapy more effective for kids who have previously had large doses of Vitamin A?

    Thank you!

  2. [email protected]

    I find it intriguing that the group treating autistic children for parasites now has 95 children completely free of the autism diagnosis. For many of those children the treatment has taken about a year to fully remove the symptoms. It is a very demanding and rigorous treatment and families need to be strong to succeed. Fortunately, many parents of autistic children are very dedicated to their children’s health.
    I don’t find this at all in conflict with your findings about the positive role of vitamin D. I think vitamin D fortifies the immune system to ward off the parasite infestation. However, the treatment effect of vitamin D may be mild as are a number of other treatments that don’t deal directly with the parasites. Any improvement should be lauded but to rid the body of all symptoms, it is probably best to know the cause of symptoms and make that the target. The damage from parasites appears to be the toxic waste excreted by the parasites.
    I realize that this group is operating outside the realm of organized medical research and so is probably seen as not worthy of regard. However, it’s hard to argue with success. They apparently keep good records and are open about what works and what doesn’t work, admitting the failures along the way. There’s no big money to be made by what they are doing and they seem to be dedicated to helping others. It would be great if they could see the advantages of vitamin D in preventing autism as I think they would become outspoken advocates of vitamin D.

  3. Colleenhf

    Alan, where are they studying a parasite connection and what is the parasite? Thanks..

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