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New mobile campaign hopes to provide journey to healthy vitamin D levels in India

Posted on: December 30, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


All India Institute of Medical Sciences and HEAL Foundation in association with Glenmark has launched the Bon-D-Light Express from Delhi.

The Bon-D-Light Express is a mobile bus that will travel to 15 cities throughout India with one goal, to spread awareness on vitamin D deficiency. The bus serves as part of the campaign, “Developing a Healthier India.”

Vitamin D deficiency affects the Indian population at epidemic proportions with an estimated prevalence of 70-100% in the general population.

In India, traditional cultural and religious practices inhibit adequate sun exposure for vitamin D production. Additionally, foods such as dairy products are rarely fortified with vitamin D. This leaves vitamin D status largely dependent on the use of supplements.

The bus made one of its first stops at the Peerless Hospital earlier in December.

“In a country like India where people are largely oblivious to the role of vitamin D in maintaining good health, such initiatives will not just help increase awareness among people but also in improving their general wellbeing,” stated Dr. Subhrojyoti Bhowmick of the hospital.

“This is indeed a unique patient outreach module, which I believe has potential to bring a difference at the grassroots.”

The bus will include six drama artists who will be acting in 116 plays. The plays will demonstrate the effects of vitamin D deficiency on the human body in a creative manner which will make it easily understandable for the local communities in all 15 cities.

A healthcare specialist will also accompany the bus to educate people on the widespread vitamin D deficiency and the need for safe sun exposure and supplementation for a healthy body.


Prithvijit M. City witnesses a campaign on Vitamin D awareness. The Times of India, 2014.

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