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Meta-analysis: Vitamin D supplementation reduces specific inflammatory marker

Posted on: June 16, 2014   by  Will Hunter


A new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials showed that vitamin D supplementation significantly reduces high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) is a protein that is produced in the liver. Hs-CRP is a marker of inflammation and higher levels indicate that there is inflammation present in the body.

It is well-known that vitamin D plays an important role in reducing inflammation and may help reduce the risk of inflammatory conditions such as cardiovascular disease and tuberculosis. This has led researchers to consider whether vitamin D plays a beneficial role in the inflammatory aspects of these conditions by affecting hs-CRP levels.

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3 Responses to Meta-analysis: Vitamin D supplementation reduces specific inflammatory marker

  1. IAW

    So in December 2009 my husbands Cardiac CRP was 7.03. Which falls into the “high” category. His Vitamin D level at the time was 11.6 ng/ml.
    April 2010 CRP c 7.37
    December 2010 CRP c 6.06
    January 2013 CRP c 5.21
    September 2013 CRP c 4.84
    April 2014 Quant not cardiac test 4.9 (range 0 – 4.9)
    He is a smoker and therefore it may not go much lower but I consider this significant progress.
    He also had a Ferritin level in June 2011 of 559 ng/ml. (range 30 – 400). We also do not know what the level was in December 2009 so we could have been even higher than 559 ng/ml. As of May 2014 it is 490 ng/ml. He has not given any blood which is the recommended protocol. I give credit to the “D”.

  2. larryr1024

    Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see a second vitamin D blood level or how much vitamin D3 he was taking since 1009.

  3. IAW

    To: Larry1024
    So I left the rest of the information out above on purpose but here goes part II.

    When I first started reading this website many years ago, I even went back and read “everything” that Dr. Cannell had put on the website from the beginning. At some point I read where humans can go out in the noon day sun in summer and make 10,000 iu, 15,000 iu, 20,000 iu or even more of Vitamin D in a short period of time. That was enough for me.

    So we have been taking anywhere from 10,000 up to 20,000 iu since 2009. Most recently since July 2012 he has been on 20,000 iu. a day. Now his blood level January 2013 was 167 ng/ml. In September 2013 it was 137 ng/ml. Here is the strange thing. In April 2014 it was 251 ng/ml. Needless to say the doctor, who up until then was not too concerned, told him to stop taking any for a “couple of months” and then resume at 10,000 iu. So instead of stopping altogether, I cut him back to 15,000 iu. After a month I asked the doctor to retest him. I was wondering if someone had done the test incorrectly. I also impressed upon him that we had not gone beyond the 20,000 iu so why the “spike”? So we retested and he had gone down about 50 ng/ml and was now reading 202 ng/ml and this was on 15,000 iu. After that test he stopped all Vitamin D for a month. I believe we will restart now at 10,000 iu.

    In 2009 with a Vitamin D level of 11 ng/ml he had a calcium level of 9.7. In 2014 with a D level of 202 ng/ml he had a calcium level of 9.6. Also strangely enough when he had the D level of 251 ng/ml he had his lowest Triglyceride level since 2009 and made it within the “range”. Go figure!

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