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Member’s spotlight: chronic pain and migraines

Posted on: September 7, 2016   by  Vitamin D Council


Dear Vitamin D Council,

I am from India, a country with sunshine throughout the year. I had to work in Frankfurt for more than four years. When I went to Frankfurt, I was almost 50 years old. After six months of staying at Frankfurt, I started having pain in my neck and shoulder. I started to exercise and go for walks every day to manage my pain. I went for tests, and my Docs told me everything was normal. Though, we never checked for vitamin D.

After two years Docs found out I had iron deficiency, and I began taking iron tablets. Meanwhile, I started getting migraine attacks frequently. Third year, I went and told Docs that I have a funny feeling in throat and requested for them to check my thyroid. We found out my right thyroid was not working. Even then, no Doc realized my vitamin D levels needed to be checked.

I started taking a thyroid medication every day. Between the third and fourth year, I developed skin irritation on both arms and legs. I found it difficult to even sit and work in office. Skin Docs gave me mild cream. Then while googling, I came across vitamin D deficiency as a possible reason for migraine. I saw your site. Read a few articles. Then, I insisted that my doctors check my vitamin D. Gosh. We found my levels were 3.5 ng/ml! After I began taking vitamin D daily,my iron levels improved, my skin irritation disappeared and my migraine frequency reduced by almost 50%. I feel every pre-menopausal woman should check for vitamin D on regular basis in order to take precautionary measures to avoid unnecessary weakness and malfunction of other organs.

Thank you,


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