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Member spotlight: Ron Carmichael on being a father, pharmacist, archery coach, and vitamin D advocate

Posted on: October 19, 2013   by  Vitamin D Council


Each month we publish a blog highlighting a member, putting them in the spotlight. We discuss their background and why they’re interested in vitamin D. To see all member spotlight articles, click here.

This month we’re featuring member Ron Carmichael. Ron is a pharmacist from central Texas with a long-standing history in public health, sports, and vitamin D.

He has spent a good portion of his career traveling around the United States to install a database pharmacy management program in hospitals. A co-author of the program, Ron helped establish a mechanism for pharmacies to effectively deliver medications in more than 300 hospitals.

Ron is an educator, a sports nut and a father at heart. He became involved in the sport of archery when his physically disabled daughter, Lindsey, wanted to give it a shot. Ron realized he enjoyed coaching Lindsey more than shooting, and they ultimately formed a team.

LindseyRonCabelas082013aTwelve years after they began, in 2008, Lindsey became the first American woman in over 24 years to win an archery medal at the Beijing Paralympics. She was the world’s 4th ranked paralympian female archer, and America’s 6th ranked able-bodied woman. They both believe that vitamin D helped keep her daughter healthy and at top competitiveness.

His interest in vitamin D was born out of his training in public health and his passion for athletic excellence. He learned that in the past many Eastern European countries required athletes to undergo UVB intake from sun lamps to increase vitamin D and enhance performance. This ultimately led him to start incorporating vitamin D in his coaching and his work.

Ron has many remarkable success stories with vitamin D. “Parents of autistic children [were] calling me in tears, because ‘he just dressed himself and came downstairs for the first time in his life,’ or ‘he has started talking in sentences,’ after several weeks of daily high dose vitamin D.”  While he recognizes these as anecdotes, he believes in the future of aggressive correction of chronic vitamin D deficiencies.

He recommends vitamin D to colleagues with the flu and always hears of improvements. In the future, Ron hopes to see more researchers administering adequate doses of vitamin D and using 50 ng/ml to indicate sufficient levels in their studies.

Ron has been a member of the Vitamin D Council since the beginning. “By supporting the Council, I take responsibility for enhancing and increasing awareness of an avenue to better health and avoiding chronic disease in the world.” He loves the newsletter aspect and that up-to-date patient friendly information is delivered to him on a weekly basis.

“I used to hand out disease-specific study printouts to patients. Now I task them with going to vitamindcouncil.org and searching for ‘whatever’ ails them.”

We want to thank Ron for participating in our member spotlight blog series and for spreading awareness of vitamin D in his community.


1 Response to Member spotlight: Ron Carmichael on being a father, pharmacist, archery coach, and vitamin D advocate

  1. Rita and Misty

    Ron, it is a pleasure to learn about you and your career. But, it is especially wonderful to learn about the awesome bond you have with your daughter.

    The father-daughter bond is an amazing thing. My dad departed this Earth almost 17 years ago, and I still think of him twice daily–upon rising and at bedtime. It’s a love that never perishes. I am happy for both of you.

    Ron: You are truly a hero and an activist, in my opinion.

    Be well,

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