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Member spotlight: Ian Hodgson on psychology, chronic fatigue syndrome, and vitamin D

Posted on: June 12, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


Each month we publish a blog highlighting a member, putting them in the spotlight. We discuss their background and why they’re interested in vitamin D. To see all member spotlight articles, click here.

This month we’re featuring member Ian Hodgson. Ian is a retired biochemist and psychologist with plenty of experience in the field.

He practiced as a clinical psychologist specializing in addiction control and appetite management in both adults and children. Ian has lectured at various universities including University of Otago, Institute of Social Sciences, and New Zealand School of Business. He also co-developed New Zealand’s first national smoking cessation program in 1976.

His involvement with public health does not end there. Recently, Ian has been lobbying the New Zealand government to change their strict regulations on purchasing vitamin D.

Ian Hodgson photoIan has become passionate about vitamin D ever since his motor accident, which forced him to stop counseling from 1995-1996. He had broken his back and needed a blood transfusion due to the accident.

This resulted in Ian contracting myalgic encephalopathy, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). CFS is a condition characterized by several symptoms including chronic fatigue, sore throat, tremors, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and exhaustion in an individual who was previously healthy.

Ian began researching CFS more and came to his conclusion that it originates from an immune system illness. He decided to begin treating his CFS with vitamin D.

This experience led Ian to begin incorporating vitamin D into his work life. Now, the first thing he tells his patients who have CFS is to supplement with vitamin D.

“Without a treatment, other than antidepressants and analgesics (pain killers) people are left to manage their illness, which maybe lifelong,” Ian stated.

His clients have been pleased with his recommendations, finding a decrease in symptoms. They have reported improved muscle strength, reduced tremor, reduced muscle cramps, fewer headaches, less pain, and better ability to exercise.

Ian has been a member of the Vitamin D Council for over three years. He uses the site to get the latest information and research on vitamin D in an efficient manner.

Ian hopes to see vitamin D research continue to expand, specifically related to CFS and autism. Many of his family members are affected by autism. He hopes research will evaluate the significance of vitamin D supplementation during and before pregnancy, and how it is related to autism.

We want to thank Ian Hodgson for participating in our member spotlight blog series, his work in public health, and for his efforts in spreading awareness on vitamin D.

4 Responses to Member spotlight: Ian Hodgson on psychology, chronic fatigue syndrome, and vitamin D

  1. Rita and Misty

    It’s always so nice to read about our Vitamin D Council membership. Ian I wish you good health and happiness, as well as much success with your lobbying efforts and your vitamin D advocacy.

  2. [email protected]

    I have chronic fatigue syndrome, my daughter had Lyme Borreliosis and coinfections, and my son has autism. Vitamin D is definitely part of our treatment protocol. Thanks for sharing your story Ian.

  3. Rita and Misty

    Jolliejane~there are some that say CFS is a direct result of Lyme disease

  4. Ian

    The cause of ME/CFS is unknown. Most current evidence points to an immune dysfunction affecting the nervous system. Regarding Lyme disease, ME/CFS occurs in countries where there is no Lyme disease. The confusion arises because ME/CFS is diagnosed only by symptoms and the symptoms can be similar to other pathologies. Many infectious illnesses can leave a chronic condition involving fatigue, pain, gastrointestinal disturbances and cognitive and perceptual dysfunction. Among them are Borreliosis, Q-fever, Ross river fever and Mononucleosis (HPV4).

    At this stage ME/CFS is thought of as a distinct illness but unclear diagnostic criteria do cause inclusion of other pathologies, including depression to be diagnosed as CFS.

    It will be a while before these confusions are clarified but I can confidently say that ME/CFS is NOT Lyme disease.

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