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Lessons from a school cheating scandal, two decades later

Posted on: April 5, 2013   by  John Cannell, MD


Dear Dr. Cannell:

I heard you on NPR this morning but it has nothing to do with vitamin D. It was about the cheating scandal in Georgia where all those teachers are being arrested.

What do you have to do with it and why were you interviewed? It seems like you had a previous life?


Washington D.C.

Dear Dana:

Indeed I had a previous life before vitamin D. I was very involved in trying to reform public schools, a task only a narcissist would take on. I discovered that there is widespread cheating on public school achievement tests. Here is the NPR interview:


If you want to read more about it, there is a link below. It is a piece I wrote several years ago that explains what happened and how I met President Clinton during the course of my school reform days.

“Lake Woebegone,” Twenty Years Later

John Cannell, MD

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