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Large meta-analysis suggests high vitamin D status reduces all-cause mortality

Posted on: June 24, 2014   by  John Cannell, MD


Dr. Ben Schöttker from the Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Research, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany and 26 other scientists recently published a large meta-analysis in the British Medical Journal.

This was a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies which looked at a total of 26,018 men and women aged 50-79 years of age to examine the relationship between vitamin D levels and mortality.

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8 Responses to Large meta-analysis suggests high vitamin D status reduces all-cause mortality

  1. Rita and Misty

    Thank goodness for courageous physicians like you, Dr. John Cannell.

    All those who bravely stand firm against the tide to uphold what is ethical deserve a place in history. This certainly includes you.

    Happy Birthday, though belated. May your voice speak loudly for many years to come. The world is a better place because of you.

  2. Michael

    People continue to argue against the use of Vitamin D.
    Friends, relatives, strangers all revert to “Sunshine causes cancer” and Dr. Oz-type TV personalities (a.k.a. pseudo-health guru / pharmaco-medical establishment mouthpieces) say “Old people might need 800 UIs, but everyone else only 400 UIs and besides they already get it in their diet — ooohhh, stay out of the sun or you will DIE of sun-caused cancer.
    I have a friend who claims her husband died of Melanoma 15 years ago because of sunshine. I doubt she has been in the sun since playground (40 years ago). She bragged to me recently that she DID just have her 25 (OH) D tested and it was way up from the one other time to a whopping 17 and she accomplished it by taking a strong Calcium supplement. She argued at me that her PhD in Biology friend warned her not to take Vitamin D without Calcium. Since my friend did not take any Vitamin D at all, she therefore attributed the rise up to the whopping 17 (which she thinks is normal) to the beneficial effects of Calcium. This is July and she is as white as a Calcium tablet.
    Her adult son recently suffered his second broken collarbone this year. She has preached anti-sun to him since he was 10.
    MESSAGE TO OBAMA: To save Obamacare, tell people to get 30 minutes of sunshine a day. And oh yes, get some sunshine yourself, Obama, you are beginning to look like a Calcium Tablet.
    Here is the question of the day: If a whole culture can be duped to believe sunshine is harmful, is there any hope for survival of those people.

  3. Rita and Misty

    My 86 year old mom was diagnosed with melanoma in situ 27 years ago. She had the cancerous lesion excised, and was told by her physician to remain (totally) out of the sun if she wanted to survive.

    But, mom is (and has always been) a big believer in the benefits of healthy sun exposure. And for good reason. She is a TB survivor who was cured by heliotherapy.

    So mom did her own research and determined that instead of no sun exposure she actually needed MORE sun exposure if she wanted to survive. And that is exactly what she did. She increased her sun exposure.

    She also increased her oral vitamin D supplementation to 10,000 iu D3 daily.

    No trace of melanoma in all these years.

    Her surgeon claims he cured her.

    My mom knows better.


    Does anyone wonder why I am a vitamin D advocate?

  4. Yasir Mahmood

    In my opinion serum vitamin D level test should be first test for any type of ailment conditions nowadays.


  5. Magic


    Thank you for bringing up this site. Michael’s story is one I somehow missed. I love it!!!

    I cannot believe it. IMOl the best thing to do is just about the exact opposite of what the “experts” are telling us.

    I am very familiar with statins and vitamin D3. Doctors beg us to take statins and beg us to stay out of the sun and take only a small amount of D3s.. Statins are another long story but Dr Cannell is doing a great job in spreading the D3 word. If everyone in the world would come to this site AND SPEND AS MUCH TIME ON IT as Rita and I do lots of money would be saved and people would be much healthier.


  6. Rita and Misty

    I am always grateful that I landed on the VDC website. And I chat it up a storm. In cyberspace and the real world in hope that folks get a clue on the importance of vitamin D and appropriate sun exposure. Those who are open to knowledge listen. Those who are deaf simply are deaf. We can only accept folks as they are while we can only also be who we are. I’ve certainly over the course of my nearly 50 year life span applied the sledge hammer approach to my friends and family but alas to no avail.

  7. Magic

    The following is from one of many sources I use to further my quest for good health. I just received it.


    I believe lots of money and lives could be saved if modern medicine would quit fighting D3.


  8. Rita and Misty

    TY. Great article.

    But no need to preach to the choir, is there? 🙂

    I don’t know what I believe regarding what it would take for vitamin D and appropriate amounts of sunshine to receive serious attention by the scientific and medical community.

    I certainly don’t believe in magic.

    I tend to fall back on the living-proof stories–like my mom’s story. But those living-proof stories, of course, as I am so quickly reminded by my researcher friends, are simply n=1.

    Maybe vitamin D needs a popular novel or movie?

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